For Strength
Turn to God

1 Sam 30:1-6

Table of Contents
* David had a lot going against him
* David did not ...
* David turned to God for Strength
* Good Advice
* Quit
* Strengthen self
* Jonathon
* But ...

David had a lot going against him
Saul was trying to hunt him down.
The Philistines did not trust him.
The Amalekites attacked him and took his family.
His own men plotted to do away with him.
But the Bible says, David ...

"Found strength in the Lord"
When all have turned against you,
turn to God.


David did not turn to the Lord to ...
* fix his problems
* change the circumstances
* avenge him of his enemies
* etc.


David turned to God for Strength to ...
* help him through his problems
* deal with his circumstances
* work through the problem with his enemies


Good Advice
* Get the Holy Bible
* Go to a Holy Place (prayer closet)
* Strengthen self in a Holy God


Quit ...
* Blaming
* Apologizing
* Making Excuses
* Defending Actions
* Worming out of circumstances


Strengthen self to do what needs to be done
* finish the course
* stand by convictions
* walk away from what is wrong
  - avoid evil
  - do good
  - walk with God


Jonathon does not strengthen David, but ...
helped David find strength in God.

1 Sam 23:26

2 Cor 12:8-9

Energy Gone?
* Pain
* Sin
* Stress
They will also suck resolve out of your WILL
They will deflate your energy in LIFE


But ...

"There Is a River"
That flows from deep within ...
* Turn to God for that River of Strength
* Turn from things that weaken
* Turn to Friends that will Point you to that River


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