Making Mistakes

Up-Dated - Friday, December 06, 2013

Table of Contents
* Panic Prompted Mistakes
* Negligent Mistakes
* Unrestrained Curiosity Mistakes
* Blind Spot Mistakes
* Therefore


Psa 31


Psa 31.19-20


Abraham took Hagar
He Panicked when it looked like he was running out of time to have an heir

Saul offered the Sacrifice
He Paniced when it looked like Samuel was not going to be there for the sacrifice

Young People
Some Panic when it appears they are not going to find a spouse

Lusting Buyers
Some Panic when they see the merchandise they have been wanting going on SALE


Negligent Mistakes (Omissions)

I Kings 1.5 - David neglected his sons
Neglect Assembling of ourselves together
Neglect Repentance


Saul sought out a witch
Young People seeking drugs, satanic cults, sex


Peter associated with Gentiles when Jews not around


We are not perfect, making many mistakes, but
cared for

by Pastor
Manuel Garcia
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